1. Hey Bobby! So niece to see you’re still up right and kicking! 👍
    I’m remembering a glims in time. Back sum 20 years now hench. You and your partner “Sissy” were play the circuit out in Mass. “The North Shore Music Theater”. When a pause came into your show and you asked if there was anyone in the theater that would like to dance on stage? And the entire theater was reluctant. And hush came over the room. I scanned right and I scanned leaf to find no one standing. With a deep breath. I stepped out of the darkness from far in the back. Into the light and said “I do”. Then walked down the aisle to the stage.
    Up the stairs over to you. I humbly bowed to you and said…”What a pleasure it is to be on stage with you after knowing you all these years”. You bowed back. Extending your left arm out to Sissy. I turned stepped forward to greet her. I took her hand and kissed it. Stood up and said; “What a pleasure it is to meet you”. She curtsied. Gave a tilt of her head to you. Then the music started. I put out my hand and asked…Shall we”? She then took my hand and we began. A “Spin and Marty” (HE HE) to the left out of the round to stage right on our way. To a hoi skip and a jump to a bouncing “Polka Tune”. Around the stage we went “counter clockwise” I remember my modern dance class teacher said to me… “Always Counter Clockwise on stage. Because everyone in the audience expects you to go the other way. Never realizing that if they were on stage with you, you both would be going the same way”.
    Once around the theater round and back to you. You bowed again and off we went. To stroll around the room.once more. This time with a spin and a twirl. Then turned to place in the middle. We parted then. I bowed once again. She returned her curtsey. I stood up and did a Cross Step Shuffle with a hatch back. To a spin to a hop. To a split both right and left. Screwing my self up to a jump. Up straight to attention to a now once again. Sissy did a “Mexican Hat Dance”. Bending over and saying, “That was GREAT! I don’t know what to do”? I stood up and said: “But you’re doing it”. And bowed again. And once again She did her “Mexican Hat Dance”. This time with a…”Table Top Can Can” shake of her dress. Bending over once again saying…” I don’t know what to do”? And I stood up and looked her in the eye and said, “But you do it so well”. She stopped leaping forward wrapping her arms around my neck. With a big hug I whispered in her ear..”Thank you. Thank you very much”.
    We hugged out to a clam opening to you. I bowed . As did you and said, “You are great”. I returned.. “It wasn’t me. It was your partner.” I bowed once again. You said “No no. You are great”. I replied; “I may be Great. But you are still the “GREATEST”.I just happened to be passing threw”. I bowed to you. Blew a kiss to Sissy. Took my bow to the audience. We took a standing “O”. And I walked off the stage.
    We met after the show. In the loony. I got your photo. Lost it on the “Last move”. Dah. We all talked awhile each of us standing in another universe.
    I remember one couple came up to us and asked if what we did was part of the show?
    I remember the chuckle I got after hearing that when I replied. “How could it be? I’m your bus driver”. Then his wife slapped his shoulder and said…”See. I told you”! “But it looked to good to be true”. HE replied. And I said. “We have known each other for a long long time. But this is the first time I have been on stage with Booby since the “Mickey Mouse Club” meetings in my mother’s living room.”. Got the biggest smile from both of them. As they walked away. Remembering so far back in time when The TV did not come on until 3:15. With the the still of the Indian and then the TV went…”Oooooooooooooo”. And then the world begain. “Mickey Mouse Club” was on.

    I’d like to thank you for that day.
    Sum 20 years ago.
    And all those years before
    you know.
    Hope all is well with you and yours.
    The pleasure is mine.
    Once again.
    “Because we like you”.

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