My favorite new pajama pants (from The Gap, BTW).

My favorite new pajama pants (from The Gap, BTW).

I’m finally at rest after my whirlwind teaching/recapping tour of the last two weeks. Still in pajamas at 12:30. All I need to do today is take a phone call at 2. I am torn about whether to have a salad or tuna for lunch. I welcome this problem. I am still very tired, but spent the morning digging through email and updating Facebook, Twitter, and the like, linking all over the place. Here are the main things I’ve been yelling about on the Internet today:

1. My band, No Ambition, might play some gigs again soon, soon meaning January. Maybe an open mic or probably the Brooklyn Guitar School showcase (one of my favorite recurring events in the world, this one on Jan. 26 at Hank’s in Brooklyn) or likely a tiny show at a bar like Lolita. I’ve been working on trying to play The Cardigans’ “Lovefool” on acoustic guitar. Because I’m an alto and it’s an acoustic guitar, this makes it into a country song. I do not necessarily mind that.

2. My website, Sexy Feminist, is mentioned in this smart piece about why pop stars won’t call themselves feminist. This is seriously an epidemic among pop stars, you guys — Katy Perry and Taylor Swift just in the past week. Even Gwen Stefani and Beyonce, who have both written feminist anthems of our time, have distanced themselves from the word.

3. Sexy Feminist also happens to have a fun piece by the lovely Britt Gambino about her recent experience as a lesbian at a strip club.

4. Also, the fruits of my late-night Mindy Project recapping labor are here.