Today, I am sick with what everyone else on the planet has. Part of me wants to just rest, and I would definitely be home sick if I had a job that paid me anyway. But I have a freelance assignment to do, and a packed schedule the rest of the week, which means I am propping myself up at my desk to do interviews. I also had to be a Mom to my dwarf hamsters this morning; one of them, Gloria, seems to be chewing her tail off, so we had to take her to the vet. We also learned that she weighs 33 grams and has a normal heartbeat and can climb out of any container they put her in at the animal clinic. But she has some antibiotics now, so hopefully that’ll help, and she’ll stop chewing her own tail (there isn’t much left). And hopefully I’ll lie down later and get over the flu before I spend three days this week teaching and an evening singing and playing guitar.