Between Books: Making a Living Writing What You Love

People ask me all the time if: 1. I think it’s possible to make a living as a full-time freelancer. And 2. I think it’s possible to make a living as a freelancer by writing only about subjects that interest you.

The answer to the first is: Yes, definitely, but it’s not easy. Some people I know have been doing it for years, but this requires sacrifice of one kind or another. Maybe they don’t have much, or any, health insurance. Maybe they do a lot of industrial copywriting about boring subjects. Maybe they sold their soul to PR. For me, the reason I can do it right now is that I had two book contracts promising to pay me enough that for now, all I need is supplemental income.

The answer to the second is beautifully answered today at one of my favorite blogs, The Renegade Writer. I suggest you check it out.

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