Why Did You Love the ‘Mary Tyler Moore Show’?

MTM.8-14As the release date for my book Mary and Lou and Rhoda and Ted gets closer (5/7/13), I’m gathering memories from fans about the show. Feel free to still tell me your favorite characters or episodes, but the question of the day is: Why did you love The Mary Tyler Moore Show? Share in the comments below.



  1. For me, it was exciting because it was a grown up show that I was allowed to watch. I remember being enamored with the behind the scenes look at what goes on in a tv news station and all the antics that were a glimpse into what working women endured. I loved Lou – he definitely had a sweet spot for Mary, he was a tough teddy bear!

  2. Beginning somewhere around the mid 1970″s, Saturday nights became known as “chips~n~dip night” in my house. My folks would have their friends come over to watch that killer CBS Saturday night t.v. lineup… highlighted by “The Mary Tyler Moore
    Show” @ 9:00 p.m., which they would let me stay up and watch with them and then send me off to bed when it was over. As young as I was, 9 years old back in 1975, I somehow picked up on what my folks found so incredibly charming about this show… it was like spending a half hour with your “friends.” It was always funny, always silly… sometimes too silly, if there is such a thing when describing a sitcom. More than anything else, it was incredibly sharp, witty and so endearing. Even today @ 46 years old, I find it impossible to NOT fall in love with all of the characters all over again, whenever it is that I’m able to catch an episode or two. Kind of a silly memory or confession rather, but I remember being fascinated by all of the “newsroom scenes” as a little girl and thinking, at all of 9 years old mind you, that Ted Baxter (Ted Knight) was the most handsome “anchor” there ever was, I developed the crush… LoL! (probably explains why I still have a “silver fox” thing going on to this day… LoL) They caught lightening in a bottle with that ensemble cast, it was magical. The writing was just brilliant and still holds up today, its still just as relevant as it was 43 years ago. The show itself is personal for me because it conjures up memories from a very happy time and in the same breath, I can still and always will appreciate and love what the show represented in its time, the incredible talent that made those characters and episodes come to life back then and still do today. I still want to be MTM and have all of the same friends and characters in my own life that made her life so full of joy and love… smack in the middle of the women’s movement. You know how quotable Seinfeld became and still is? The MTM Show is where my friends and I get our quotes from every now and again… when I need a pick me up, not having a great day, my bf sends me “Love is All Around” (MTM opening) and almost always does the trick… for a little while anyway. Thanks for letting me share, I thoroughly enjoyed doing so… in case you couldn’t tell! (I apologize for how lengthy it is… oops!) Can’t wait to read the book!

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