Hillary Clinton addresses the Women in the World summit. Courtesy of Daily Beast.

I was lucky enough to be among the hundreds of women gathered in New York Friday for the Daily Beast’s Women in the World summit, where we were inspired by Hillary Clinton, Oprah, and many other amazing famous and non-famous women. Here, a few of the tidbits we learned:

* Nora Ephron knew who Deep Throat was. She predicted correctly to Tom Hanks years before Mark Felt’s identity as the Watergate informant was made known to the world.

* For less than the cost of a Diet Coke, we can provide women with kits that help save their lives in high-risk childbirth.

* The CEO of Sam’s Club is a kickass woman named Roz Brewer. Her message to aspiring female execs: “You know it. You just need the confidence to go for it. Trust your intuition. Let your voice be heard.”

* Human trafficking is one of the three fastest growing criminal activities in the world. For more information on how to help, check out the amazing work of Joy Ngozi Eleilo, the UN’s special rapporteur on trafficking.

* Diane VonFurstenberg’s mother, a holocaust survivor, weighed just 49 pounds 18 months before VonFurstenberg was born. “As long as we know we should never be victims,” VonFurstenberg said of her mother’s legacy in action, “we can win the war.”