I had the pleasure today of giving a long-planned talk about Mary and Lou and Rhoda and Ted at the National Archives. I was going to tell you all about it, but we drove to DC from New York this morning to get to the talk by noon, and now we’re at my boyfriend’s grandma’s in Frederick, Maryland, and I am tired. Plus! It was well-documented by other sources anyway. (Of course it was; it’s the National Archives.) I will just add that the building is grand, the theater is grand, and Douglas Swanson, my liaison there, is a classy dude who just intuitively knew when to come out and wait for me by the entrance to the building.

Here’s a video of my entire talk and the audience Q&A

And here’s some nice coverage of the talk by the Washington Examiner

Next up: Boswell Book Company in Milwaukee in two weeks, June 4