mary-tyler-moore-opening-creditsIf you’ve read Mary and Lou and Rhoda and Ted, you can probably tell that my main inspiration for writing the book came from wanting to tell the stories of the women and the sisterhood behind The Mary Tyler Moore Show. So it particularly warms my heart when coverage of the book focuses on that aspect of it. Today I just wanted to highlight a few of my favorite press pieces that do so:

The AtlanticThe Real Feminist Impact of The Mary Tyler Moore Show Was Behind the Scenes

The Hairpin: “So, I”m watching the entire run of The Mary Tyler Moore Show …”

MTM writer Susan Silver on The Huffington PostMary Richards and I Made It After All!

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: “Author Reveals Mary Tyler Moore Show Was a Sister Act”

New York Daily News: “New book shows how The Mary Tyler Moore Show gently pushed feminist issues”

NPR: The Women Who Inspired Other Women with Mary Tyler Moore