58251_7227Since you’re reading this, there’s a chance you already like me a little, or you’re interested in writing, or, god willing, both. That makes you a perfect candidate to join me for my Living Room Workshop this fall focused on helping you transition from mere writing to publication (maybe even for pay!).

Here’s the full run-down on my upcoming private class:

Want to write for publication but have no idea where to start? Then my Getting Published “living room workshop” is for you! You’ll hone an idea, finish a piece, and complete a targeted pitch before the class is through, with one-on-one guidance from a longtime journalist (that’s me!) and author as well as your peers.

Here’s what former students have to say about my classes:

“Jennifer’s teaching style was great! She infused her own background and experience in pop culture and journalism into every class, making it fun and fast-paced. She challenged the class with assignments that got our writing juices flowing. She was also very accessible and really cared about us as fledging writers. I would definitely take another class with her.” — Lori Gaon, Article Writing student

“Jen’s oeuvre is in integrity: She infuses herself into her teaching, her writing.  Taking her class was exciting primarily because she is excited and deeply committed to what she does.  She is purpose-driven and connected in the moment.  One cannot attend her classes and not sense the urgency in responding to the question of what is our relationship to cultural trends and how one uses investigative tools to explore their fundamental meaning, and how do we communicate that into engaging prose.  She makes it fun, because, hard as the job is, she enjoys it.  That makes for the best teaching!” — Kenneth Garcia, Article Writing student

“Heading to Jennifer’s first class, I was eager to warm myself back up into the world of not just writing but literary reading and discovering what made sense for me to read. Jennifer made classes approachable and relevant, guiding the class through a curated selection of readings, with matching exercises, that covered the basics to creative writing. I left every class feeling energized and feeling like being a writer. (Previously, a notion I repressed, as I felt too intimidated to put my thoughts into motion!) More so, Jennifer helped me realize the practicalities that come with pursuing a writing career and the logistics of being in the business. Three words to describe my experience as a student in Jennifer’s class? Refreshing. Experimental. Pragmatic.” — Victoria Monsul, Creative Writing student


I’ll be organizing a fall 2013 “living room workshop” in my apartment in the East Village area of NYC. We’ll be scheduling “Getting Published, from Pitch to Finished Project” based on the needs of those sign up, but we’ll meet for 10 weeks starting in September, three hours per weekly session.

The class will work like this:

1. Everyone will come to the first meeting with a three-minute (or shorter) oral pitch for a published piece of nonfiction — an essay or an article. You’ll present it to the group for friendly feedback that helps you shape it into a one-page written pitch by the next class.

2. From there, everyone will work on the project for the remainder of class with guidance from me, as well as feedback from me and your peers.

3. The final two weeks we’ll spend honing your pitch once again, this time into an official pitch letter. We’ll also help you to target it to appropriate editors at appropriate publications.

4. You will leave the workshop with a finished piece as well as a finished pitch.

Price is $399 for the entire 10-week class. If you’re interested or would like more information, please email me here or simply leave a comment below.