cropped-1408767_87215604.jpegI’ve got a couple of different ways coming up to share what I’ve learned in 20 years of writing professionally, and to answer the questions people most often ask me about the business:

How to Write a Book Proposal That SELLS: My online class through Skillshare is super-easy to sign up for, can be taken anywhere, and is ONLY $20. In it, I’ll walk you through how to focus a book idea and start writing a proposal that’ll get you an agent and a publisher. Register now.

How to Make a Living Writing About Pop Culture: Rolling Stone contributor and co-author of VJ Gavin Edwards and I will talk about the spectrum of glamour and humiliation involved in writing about famous people for a living. 7 p.m. July 11 at Pop Hop Bookshop, Los Angeles.

Writing for Publication, from Pitch to Clip: I’ll be offering a small, private “living room class” this fall that allows participants to hone pitches for articles and work on pieces with the specific aim of getting published. Enrollment is limited, so let me know right away if you’re interested. For lots of information, click here.