Pretty purple Daisy Rock guitar.

Pretty purple Daisy Rock guitar.

I’ll be playing two songs in the Brooklyn Guitar School Showcase (9 p.m., Hank’s bar in Brooklyn) on Sept. 21. But that’s only one reason you should come, and it’s not even close to being the best one. (Though the fact that I’m likely to play a Hole song and a Sugar Ray song does help.) Here are some others:

1. It’s like those recitals you used to go to when you were a kid learning piano or whatever. Except it’s adults, at night, in a bar, with guitars.

2. There’s this endearingly supportive atmosphere. A lot of the people who play have just started learning, but they get up there anyway and pluck slowly through their three-chord numbers. I did this once, too. And nonetheless, everyone cheers them on as if they were playing a massive rock show across the street at Barclays.

3. Some of the people are surprisingly good. There was this lovely little acoustic-guitar cover of Ace of Base last time. Every new person who gets up on stage is a surprise somehow.

4. Hank’s is a super-divey bar you’d probably never go to under other circumstances. And your life would be a little sadder for it, though you wouldn’t know.

5. Sometimes people bring brownies. Seriously, that happened once.