paperback coverBecause I’ve gotten questions about this, I’m now giving you all, my prized blog followers and passersby, the answers, with a huge debt to Tricia Goyer’s 17 Ways Readers Can Help Authors:

1. The simplest, best way, period: Recommend Mary and Lou and Rhoda and Ted to your friends, however you do that best. Like, probably with your mouth and words while standing or sitting in some kind of real-life setting.

2. Review the book on your favorite book website: Goodreads, Amazon, iTunes.

3. Share photos (via Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter) of the book, or of yourself reading the book, or of your adorable child or pet reading the book. (They can’t read? They were just born and so don’t know what The Mary Tyler Moore Show is? Who cares! They’re cute!)

4. Ask your local bookstore to carry the paperback, which is out Oct. 29.

5. Request that your book club read it. I’m happy to come talk to groups in New York or set up an online discussion with groups elsewhere. Contact me here.

6. Ask your library to order it.

7. Buy the book as a gift.

8. Tweet your favorite lines, quotes, or facts from the book.

9. Add it to your Goodreads shelf.

10. Blog about it.

11. Follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

12. Pin the book cover onto a Pinterest board.

13. Include it in a list you make on Amazon or Goodreads.

14. Simply share your love for it on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

15. Know that I love you all!