mary-tyler-moore-opening-creditsYou guys, I totally want some Mary Tyler Moore Show-related memes. Are there people who are hip enough to make memes but also old enough to know The Mary Tyler Moore Show? We will find out. I’m talking GIFs or that thing where you put words on a photo, and then people can post and re-post and share it on social media. If you make me a cool GIF I will even try very hard to figure out how to post it here on my site, which is something I have not learned yet. If you make me a photo meme, I will put it everywhere and force my friends to share it and you will be famous (at least among a subset of TV nerds who live mainly in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago). If they’re book-related, even better! The best three get free, autographed copies of Mary and Lou and Rhoda and Ted. Go!