We’re Going to Pick the Best ‘Mary Tyler Moore’ Episode of All Time (Besides ‘Chuckles’)

129190-004-C4CF1994Awhile back, I wrote a piece for Vulture.com naming my favorite Mary Tyler Moore episodes, aside from the famous “Chuckles Bites the Dust.” Now I want to find out, with your help, what readers/fans think is THE best episode of all time. So we’re going to start with my list and narrow it down from there if necessary. But, because this is now a democracy and not a dictatorship, you can also write in other nominations in the comments. We’ll keep narrowing it down via votes until we can crown one definitive winner.

Ready? Vote/write in your candidates now! If you need a refresher on these, please visit the piece on Vulture to either read about them and/or click through the linked titles there to watch them online.



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