Everybody else did year-end lists, but because I am forward-thinking (and slow), I thought I’d share some of the shows I’m most excited about this new year — both new shows and shows that have me hooked already.

NUP_155554_16711. About a Boy: NBC’s doing an adaptation of the Nick Hornby book-turned-Hugh Grant movie, which would have me intrigued enough, if not confident that such a show was necessary or capable of living up to its source material. However, this has some major things going for it. One is Minnie Driver, whom I have adored since Circle of Friends and who has done zero things since then that I disliked. The other is exec producer Jason Katims, who tackled similarly uphill adaptations of much-adapted material with Friday Night Lights and Parenthood. And absolutely zero things went wrong with either of those (save a bum episode or two). Sign me up.

2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine: I came to Fox’s new Andy Samberg-as-hipster-cop comedy late, randomly deciding to watch a few episodes on demand during the holiday programming lull. Now I can’t wait to see more.

3. Intelligence: I wouldn’t normally pay attention to yet another CBS drama where somebody with a special power does something to solve crimes or mysteries or whatever. But: Josh Holloway stars. I can’t allow Josh Holloway to be on a television screen that I’m not looking at.

4. Mad Men: Yay, it’s back! Sometime in 2014! For the first half of the last season, whatever that means!

5. Girls: Yay, it’s also back! Jan. 12, in this case.

6. Late Night With Seth Meyers: I once had a plan to marry Seth Meyers. (We both live in New York, and he was working at Rock Center, just blocks from where my office was. I saw him on the subway sometimes. It seemed plausible.) But I think he’s married now, and I’m happily coupled, so I’ll settle for watching his new late-night show (taking over for Jimmy Fallon, who’s taking over for Leno) instead.

7. Cougartown: The underrated comedy returns to TBS Jan. 7 to make me feel like a teetotaler in comparison to Courteney Cox and her wine-swilling friends.

8. American Idol: I still can’t help myself after all these years.

9. Melissa & Joey: If someone can explain to me why I love this show so much, I’ll give you a cookie.

10. Suburgatory: Gosh I’m relieved this is returning.