I was nervous to watch the newly released trailer for the Veronica Mars movie. I didn’t want to be disappointed in my first taste of the movie, nor did I want my memory of the show besmirched. When I read about the plot — a grown-up Veronica gets back into sleuthing when her ex Logan is accused of murdering his girlfriend — it made me uncomfortable. I didn’t want to see Veronica and Logan coupled with anyone but each other; I didn’t want Logan still getting in serious trouble like this; I didn’t even want Veronica to have become a lawyer who talks to Jamie Lee Curtis. (I don’t know why I felt this way. I just did.) However! Once I watched the clip, I saw that it gave me that familiar adrenaline rush that says, I can’t wait to watch this. The familiar characters still themselves, still bantery and dark and awesome. Loving that even Max Greenfield, who played the cop Veronica dated before he became recognizable as Schmidt on New Girl, is returning as well. Oh, Kristen Bell, you can do no wrong.