These are good for resolutions, too.

These are good for resolutions, too.

Given the brutal Winter we’ve just survived (which is hopefully not just technically over but actually over), this first day of spring feels very much like a rebirth. We have no more excuses for staying inside in our pajamas eating cheese and drinking wine and wrapping ourselves in blankets! We will now do things!

Here, a few of my writing-related spring resolutions:

1. I will clean my desk. (Spring cleaning!)

2. I will start actually writing my book, preferably at about 2,000 words a week.

3. I will blog most weekdays — all weekdays when I’m not wrapped up with a deadline or similarly valid excuse.

4. I will update my records and collect all that damn money I’m owed.

5. I will pitch all the stories on my list of ideas.

6. I will pitch more to the editors who kindly employ me regularly.

7. I will get my finances organized so I know how much money I have/need.

8. I will figure out ways to keep that money coming so I can concentrate on my book instead of worrying about income.

9. I will get back into my morning meditate/work out/eat/then work routine. Yes, this is writing-related. Actually, most things in my life could probably be considered writing-related.