‘Seinfeld’ Fans: ‘If you argue with them, you’ll lose.’


imagesI’m interviewing some “professional”-grade Seinfeld fans for my book, and one of my favorite pieces of wisdom came from Jazmine Hughes, who managed to live her 22 years (until now) without seeing an episode and is now blogging about her virgin viewing experience with her superfan roommate (join the fun at Hot Girls Watching Seinfeld). Jazmine told me about talking to her parents about Seinfeld, and her father, who works in TV production, had this brilliant advice:

“Jazmine, some people just think that M*A*S*H and Seinfeld are the greatest shows to ever exist, and if you argue with them, you’ll lose. So just go through life and tell people that Seinfeld is a good show, and it’ll be so much easier.”

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