The Most Searing Media Criticism of Robin Williams’ Death Coverage

In case you missed it among the flood of other terrible news the last few days: I can’t add anything to this, but it’s absolutely worth reposting. Celebrities are human beings, and they have human being family and friends who are grieving, and I think even fans who are grieving don’t really need to see such treatment. In fact, just, hey, it’s bad for humans to treat other humans this way. And it rightly bums us out to see it happening in front of us. We have enough horrible crap going on.

Village Voice film editor Alan Scherstuhl posted his re-envisioning of the New York Daily News cover on Robin Williams (via Jim Romenesko):








  1. We will all miss his humor, wit, personality, and the way he came across spontaneously with something to make us laugh. I was surprised by his death. We have lost someone special.

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