Writers: What Are You Afraid of … and Why?

58251_7227The first chapter in Susan Jeffers’ self-help classic Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway is called, “What Are You Afraid of … and Why?” If you’re stuck in your writing, this is a great place to start. Ask yourself what you’re afraid of when it comes to writing … and also, why. If you can answer that, then face down that particular fear, it might just unstick you.



  1. I think that sometimes, I don’t want to mess up what, in my head, seems like an incredible “prize winning” novel. I fear that I do not have the talent to do justice to what my brain has created.
    The logical part of me says this is rubbish, but there is another part of me that can’t always let go. Maybe I have seen too many sequels, or final seasons, or endings to book series that just didn’t live up to my expectation (Yes, I must include you How I Met Your Mother–and many others.)

    1. That seems to me like one of the most common ones. And it’s totally valid! Almost every book is better in your head than in real life, even moreso when you first start writing. I always have a dark moment of the soul when I’m writing a book and I’m like, This is never going to work. The nice thing about practicing is that you eventually realize that this is just part of the process and will pass. And maybe it *won’t* live up to your or others’ expectations, but really, in the grand scheme of things, so what? You’ll live, you know? And you won’t likely hurt anyone in the process.

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