A Word in Praise of Naps

from morguefile.com
from morguefile.com

I have decided to embrace my desire for afternoon naps whenever possible. It’s an urge I fought for a long time, first by necessity — I had an office job for the first 15 years of my working life — and then because I felt like I had to prove something as a work-from-home freelancer. But when I made myself a new work-day schedule a few months ago, I accounted for a nap from 2-3 p.m. when it works out. A lot of times I have interviews or work due, in which case I will skip it; but on a normal day, I allow for some sleepy time. The fact is, little gets done when I’m crashing mentally at that time anyway. Also, Mr. Rogers took regular naps. I know what people will say: Gosh, I wish I had such luxury! But I have to go to work/deal with my kids/etc. To that, I say: Yes, it is a totally ridiculous luxury. I feel lucky in so many ways. But one of my biggest resolutions this year is to try to extricate myself from the “I’m so proud to be busy and I’m totally the busiest” thing we all tend to do. I think it makes us all a little crazier. So this is my first step: Coming out as a napper.


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