7-Day Writing Challenge

What if every day for the next week, you wrote for at least a half-hour every day? That’s it. Write whatever you want, about whatever you want. Work on a project, just journal, write a piece you’ve been meaning to write.

Try it, then tell me how it went in the comments!


  1. Hi! Last year I won the Nanowrimo contest and I’ve been looking for a way to jump start a concept for this year. This may be just the thing I need!

  2. I did a 365 day challenge about a year and a half ago. I wrote, in some for or another, every day for an entire year. It was exhausting, thrilling, amazing, and also stupid at times. 🙂

    Hope you are well. Took a class with you last year and just now added your blog to my blogroll! :p

  3. Going into June I pretty much figured my blog would be on the back burner due to many commitments, and then your challenge appeared! I know it was supposed to be a 7 consecutive day challenge, but for me, I thought 7 days this month would be a success. It may have taken me 20 days, but I did get 7 posts, mapped out content for the next three months that I have in draft form, and took time to connect with other bloggers when I didn’t have the time to thoughtfully write. So thank you for putting the challenge out there! It was just the spark of motivation I needed for an overwhelming June, and there is still a week left!

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