Contest: Reach Your Writing Goals, Win a Prize!

Here’s an offer I honestly believe you should not refuse: Reach your writing goal in the next week, and you may also win a prize for your trouble. YOU CANNOT LOSE.

Here’s how it will work:

1. Tell me in the comments here, via email, via Facebook, or via Twitter what your writing goal is for this week.

2. Reach that goal, and prove it by emailing me your work.

3. Get entered into my raffle, just by doing all of this.

4. Win a one-hour coaching session with me, via email or phone, if your name is drawn.

It’s that simple. Possibly win quality time with me. Definitely win the satisfaction of finishing your work. How can you go wrong?

Deadline is Friday, June 12. I’ll pick and announce a winner Monday, June 15. Go!


  1. Hello! I have just seen this, so two days late already. I also am in a quandary about which of my ideas to put down on paper and how to achieve focus, since I am in a strange apartment, trying to buy a home, driving for an hour tomorrow to meet my brother for lunch, and taking two dogs outside of our 3rd story apartment for multiple bathroom trips via a busy elevator each day. Hmmm. But June 12 is my 62nd birthday, so my goal is to write an anecdote about my life, to include a theme, and NOT to be heavy-handed with the nostalgia or morality.

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