For Your ‘Seinfeld’ Listening Pleasure …

Two fun podcasts to share with my Seinfeld fans here:

First, I’m thrilled to be the guest this week on Slate’s Lexicon Valley podcast, talking about my recent story on The Verge about the difficulties with translating Seinfeld:


And sometime Seinfeld writer/Everybody Loves Raymond character actor/all-around funny guy Fred Stoller has launched his own interview podcast. You’ll particularly like the episode in which he talks to Larry Hankin, who almost landed the role of Kramer, then got to play the guy playing Kramer on the sitcom-within-the-sitcom, Jerry.


  1. Fascinating item on the translatability of Seinfeld, Jennifer. Thank you. Seinfeld showed in the UK and apart from a small cult of followers it never got a big audience, not like Cheers or Friends or The Simpsons. Your exchanging of lines from the series with the presenters reminded me of Monty Python in the UK – some lines are now part of standard English and establish a connection with another person far quicker and far deeper than would be achieved without the reference. I confess I didn’t get the Dolores reference first time – the UK-English pronunciation of its female body part equivalent is slightly different!

    1. Actually the correct pronunciation in American English is different from what would rhyme with Dolores. (We talked about this when we did the interview, but they had to cut it for time.) We put the emphasis on the first syllable, which is maybe what Brits do, too?

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