Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 10.42.46 AMMy upcoming book Seinfeldia—out in less than two months!—tells the history of Seinfeld from its inception up until now, with heavy emphasis on the ways the two-decade-old show continues to infiltrate current everyday life and culture. That’s where the “Seinfeldia” concept comes in: Seinfeldia is the name I gave the special dimension between Seinfeld and reality that never dies. It’s there that the actor who played the “Soup Nazi,” Larry Thomas, continues to make his living playing the character (the central figure of just one episode) at events and the real-life inspiration for the Kramer character, Larry David’s former neighbor Kenny Kramer, continues to give sold-out bus tours of New York sites from the show.

Well, yet another opportunity to live in Seinfeldia has presented itself: The clothing company J. Peterman, a real-life phenomenon that inspired the Peterman character on the show, wants to bring to life the Urban Sombrero, Elaine’s terrible fictional creation during her time working for the fictional version of the company, with a little funding help from fans.

You can contribute to the madness at the company’s Kickstarter page.