Get a Free Signed Copy of SEINFELDIA by Joining My Launch Team!

SEINFELDIASeinfeldians, I need your help in getting the word out about SEINFELDIA as its July 5 release date approaches! To that end, I am recruiting a special ten-person launch team. In exchange for your help, I’ll send you a free, signed copy of the book. You’ll agree to post something about the book (a pic of the cover, a link to order it online, something fancy like a gif or a meme, a rave review) on whatever platforms you use—blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.—every day for the week of the launch, July 5-12.

If you’re interested, tell me in the comments here, ping me on Facebook or Twitter, or email me here.

UPDATE: This offer is now closed. Thank you all for your interest!


  1. I’d be very interested in being on the launch team…. Have been a Seinfeld fan since it first went on the air as the Seinfeld Chronicles…. Like many Seinfeld fans i own the complete series on DVD but still watch the series on a nightly basis. Can watch an episode a dozen times and still laugh…..

    I’ve been a librarian for nearly 30 years, the last 3 as a director of a public library in Connecticut….

    I’m on Facebook in various groups including Library related ones and of course Seinfeld groups,,,,,, We can help get the word out….

    If you’d like to get book talk/signings for the new book in Connecticut I can get the
    news out among my fellow Librarian brothers and sisters…..

    John W. – Librarian
    “Not Mr. Bookman”

    1. So funny! I came here for the same reason, and for the same state. 🙂 Count me in as being willing to help with bookings, Friends events, etc. in Connecticut. I read the ARC and have been preaching the gospel ever since. This *needs* to be in as many collections as possible. Readers are going to love it. We already have two holds!

      Ashley Odell
      South Glastonbury (CT) Public Library

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