We Are All Mirandas Now

mirandainsecurevictim_zpsbca0a686Used to be when Sex and the City fans encountered the old “Which character are you?” question, they overwhelmingly chose Carrie. Anyone who didn’t shyly copped to being a Charlotte, for the most part. The boldest among us chose Samantha. Very few chose Miranda. I guess because we didn’t want people to know we were smart, or something?

No use in analyzing it now, because great news! Miranda is quietly experiencing a mass reconsideration and coming out on top. When I first started researching my upcoming book on Sex and the City, I thought I was the only one who happily identified as a Miranda. (It’s called being a grown-up.) Then all of my friends agreed that they, too, were Mirandas, and probably always had been. Then as I did more research, I found that many, many people—it seems like most people writing about it on the Internet, including many of the youngs—also now love Miranda. Actually, more than love … there is basically a Miranda Worship Society out there.

Yesterday on Man Repeller, Harling Ross argued that Miranda would be the protagonist of Sex and the City if the show were made in 2017. (Correct, in my judgement.) The @everyoutfitonsatc Instagram feed uses Miranda as its avatar and lavishes extra praise on the suit-savvy lawyer. Last year Buzzfeed published a post called “We Need to Talk About How Miranda Is Actually the Best Character on Sex and the City.” Not to be outdone, Elle had 18 reasons (!) she’s the best character. Bustle had only eight reasons, but also had eight life lessons from her. And Marie Claire had 10 reasons being more like Miranda and less like Carrie will get you a promotion. Which, duh, but still.

So wear your “I’m a Miranda” T-shirt proudly. And do it fast—soon, it’ll be just as cliché as your “I’m a Carrie” one.


  1. Other than the wealth, the poise, the blue blood upbringing, the conversion to Judaism, the pregnancy, the miscarriage, the Chinese adoption, the divorce and remarriage, the long hair, the chic wardrobe, the Pollyanna outlook, the professed sexual conservatism, and the short, bald husband, my wife IS Charlotte. (I am rather back hirsute, though.)

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