In my upcoming Sex and the City book, I’m hoping to start each chapter with a real-life anecdote from someone who watched and felt it changed his or her life in a large or small way. The idea is for these anecdotes to be smaller versions of my introduction, in which I am telling my own story about how I left my fiancé partly because Sex and the City showed me the potential of single city life that I was missing out on by settling down with the wrong person.

I thought you all might have some stories you’d like to share. As an example, I’ll include one below from my sister, which I’m using for the fashion chapter and is significant because she became a costumer for TV and movies.

Some ideas for anecdotes I could use, though if you have others, I am open to them:

* Did SATC embolden you to embrace singlehood in some way?

* Did it help you to see New York in a new way?

* Anything about post-9/11 life in New York, or even elsewhere?

* Any of the huge storylines, like Samantha’s cancer or Charlotte’s conversion or Miranda’s baby, have an effect on you?

* Anything you appreciate about the show more in retrospect than you did at the time?

* I’d be super interested to hear if it held particular resonance for gay folks.

Thanks in advance for sharing anything you’ve got! You can share below or send them to me via email here. Please send by July 14, 2017.

From Julie’s example:

I used to sneak and watch Sex and the City when I was 17 just so I could see the clothes. We didn’t have fashion blogs yet. We had Vogue and Sex and the City to tell us what was cool. Especially being in the Midwest we didn’t get any of these trends in stores for a long time, so I started making clothes.

I really wanted something with the signature big fake flower on it, so I went to Target and bought a clearance pair of black strappy stilettos and hot-glued black fake roses on them that I dipped in glitter.

The next item I made was not on Sex and the City, but was directly influenced by it—I had learned that Patricia Field was the costume designer, and she dressed Britney Spears for a red carpet event (because Britney loved Sex and the City). I made a knock-off of that Patricia Field shirt.

The other piece I tried to make was Carrie’s kelly green Juicy Couture terry cloth sundress. I very much remember that color then being a huge trend and everyone wanted those dresses. I wasn’t able to afford Juicy Couture at the time and I didn’t want to wait for stores to carry those dresses. So I bought the terry cloth and tried to make this dress. This didn’t go so well. Sewing rows of elastic to terry cloth isn’t exactly easy.