58314350-5121-0134-17e1-060e3e89e053Sex and the City was a huge step forward for female characters and female sexuality on television, but political it was not. In fact, there’s an episode in which Carrie dates a New York City politician, played by John Slattery, that’s absolutely devastating to 2018 sensibilities. In it, Carrie and her friends have an entire brunch conversation “about politics” that reveals Carrie isn’t registered to vote and produces one major insight: “The country runs better with a good-looking man in the White House. I mean, look at what happened to Nixon. No one wanted to fuck him, so he fucked everyone.” This was a simpler time, pre-9/11, but man.

This lack of political awareness makes it all the more satisfying to now see the show’s Miranda, Cynthia Nixon (no relation to the aforementioned Nixon!), seriously considering a run for New York state governor. Nixon has been an activist since her time on the show, having campaigned for New York City public schools and marriage equality. Her possible run for a major office couldn’t be a better 2018 story. As indicated by the #TimesUp movement and a record number of female candidates for the upcoming midterm elections, women are done waiting around for men to do things right. If any one of the Sex and the City characters were going to run for office, it would be Miranda—who we’ve all since realized is the only one of the four really worth emulating.

If you want to be a Miranda, too, there are several organizations working to help women train for and finance campaigns at all levels. For example, you can sign up with or donate to She Should Run here. #Miranda2018!