Best ‘Mary Tyler Moore Show’ Episodes: ‘The Lars Affair’

"The Lars Affair" marks a transition point for The Mary Tyler Moore Show. The first episode of the fourth season introduces the legendary Betty White as Sue Ann Nivens, the Happy Homemaker (who is also a happy homewrecker and a proto-Martha Stewart boss bitch). The show was about to lose Valerie Harper as Rhoda, Mary's caustic best friend, who was planning her own spinoff. The loss... Read more ❯

Interviewing Class This Summer!

Photo by Amy Hirschi on Unsplash I'm teaching a class on interviewing all kinds of people for all kinds of media—articles, books, podcasts, you name it—in June in New York City. It'll be June 12, 20, and 26 at the Made in New York Media Center for IFP. Use the discount code InterviewSkills, and you'll get 20 percent off if you're one of the first five to sign... Read more ❯

3 Simple (But Not Easy) Steps to Becoming a Writer

I came across a post by Jeff Goins, who blogs about writing and creative life, called "7 Tips for More Effective Writing," and it's great in itself, but I noticed a particularly insightful nugget of wisdom within it: His final three tips are the entire recipe for a writing career. There's nothing more to know. They're not always easy to accomplish, but these are the... Read more ❯

Best ‘Seinfeld’ Episodes: ‘The Contest’

"The Contest" is Peak Seinfeld. It's flawless. It's the rare time when all four characters share one overarching storyline (though each is on his or her own unique journey through it, as ever). This has everything a classic Seinfeld has: Through their contest to see who can go the longest without masturbating, the four characters make the mundane absurd. They also take a taboo topic and give... Read more ❯

Best ‘Seinfeld’ Episodes: ‘The Junior Mint’

The writers and producers of Seinfeld knew they'd reached a turning point in the show when they made "The Junior Mint," the 20th episode of season 4. They'd gone from a show no one watched to a show everyone watched in earlier seasons; with "The Junior Mint," they had become a show that could do whatever it wanted. And this was key to its legendary status:... Read more ❯

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