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  1. When I got this book and I was so THRILLED. Because I TOOK A PICTURE OF DOREEN AND LATE CHERYL together at Disneyland for 50th anniversary was on 10/2/05. And I sent to Doreen the 4 x 6 including with 8 x 10. I never heard from her but was wondering if she ever got it.
    OBVIOUSLY, SHE DID! Am thrilled that the pix was published on this book that I TOOK of them! I double check with pixs I have and no mistake it’s mine that I took. YAH! By the way, Mouseketeer Bobby knows me and some others. Doreen do know me too. I am a deaf redheaded lady and met them so many times. Am an ardent fan of MMC. By the way, Jimmie was never called as a Mooseketeer ONLY ROY!
    I know. I watched tv from the beginning on Oct 3, 1955. If you see or talk to Bobby, I say HI. Annette do know me but sadly because of her condition. Am saddened. I cried when Cheryl passed away that night. I was informed on the same night she died through a friend of a friend. I knew she was dying at that time.
    I have all the scrapbooks, pixs, autographs of most of them. etc. (by the way, my son happen to work for WDS (Team Disney) & I was thrilled when he got the job there) I went to WDS many times, etc.
    And am a D23 member. I went on a tour last Aug with a sign language interpreter!
    Sue Green 🙂

  2. My mother always watched Mickey Mouse Club after school and always like Doreen Tracey…so much so that I was named after her. My middle name that is. I have always wanted to get in touch with her even if I never get to meet her, I would love to communicate somehow. Believe it or not..I also have red in my hair. Do you know of any way I can send a note or letter.

  3. Well, I haven’t heard from you or respond my November e-mail to you?
    Yeah, that pix of Doreen with late Cheryl in your book is that same pix that I took of them. Was kinda surprised to see it.

    Sue Green

    1. Hi Sue — I don’t think I ever received an email, so I apologize for that! I received that picture courtesy of Doreen, so I’m sure there must have just been several from the same day. They certainly looked adorable. Thanks for reading!

  4. Jennifer,
    I wish I could send you a pix of Doreen with late Cheryl.. same position, same date and same of everything that I SENT to Doreen the pixs (4×6 also 8×10 which I have duplicate of 8×10 also) and it was from me. Period!
    How can I send you a pix of me holding a 8×10 pix of them for proof.

  5. Jen,
    Your mom came in to see me last week and told me about your book…”Why, Because We Still Like You”. I just received my copy and hope that I could send it to you for your signature, it would mean a lot to me and I would have it in the reception area for all to see and enjoy. Wish you all the best,
    Ron Myczek

  6. Ms. Armstrong:

    I just finished reading and rereading \”Why? Because We Still Like You,\” and this is a \”Thank You\” note. The original MMC was on the air during my sophomore, junior and senior year in high school. Each late afternoon, American Bandstand\’s Dick Clark would sign off by saying: \”Here comes that Mouse!\” Watching the MMC on the family\’s 17 inch RCA black and white TV seemd ordinary at the time. After reading your oral history, I now undersstand why those \”ordinary\” moments turned into extraordinary treasures of the heart. Reading your words brought back all the golden moments of youthful innocence. Your behind-the-scenes stories have enriched and enhanced the magic of those once-upon-a-time hopes and dreams. Thank you for a most delightful journey and opportunity to revisit The Mickey Mouse Club: So many moments, so many memories; savor the moments, treasure the memories. Again, my thanks and God bless.

  7. Ms. Armstrong,

    I enjoyed reading your post “How Teen TV Helped Me Grow Up.” As a 23-year-old journalism graduate student, I’m a huge fan of teen tv shows. That love influenced me to make pop culture my main writing interest. In fact, I’m writing a New Yorker-style story on adults that watch teen television shows for a class. If possible, I would like to interview you for the story. Please email me at if you are interested.

    Thank you,

    Charnice Milton

  8. Hello Jennifer Armstrong,

    TREME on HBO is indeed a celebration of great writing, characterization, acting, location shooting, etc. Every bead of sweat and 1000-mile stare is right on the money. I lived in New Orleans until August 28, 2005; I know how right David Simon, Eric Overmyer and co. got it. Season 2 is so far even better than 1, which got a little wobbly (understandably, with the sad death of David Mills) about halfway through. (Steve Zahn’s political flirtation? The who-cares breakup of Sonny and Annie?) Your review in Entertainment Weekly was lovely. I did experience a moment of horror, however, when you wrote about Kim Dickens and the egomaniacal New York chef who “gently shows her how to cook fish to perfection.” Victor Slezak’s wonderfully tyrannical character is the most evil TV villain I’ve seen in years. This creature is a despot, doling out his sadistic attentions to his underlings in that Amon Goeth manner of no-matter-what-I-do-he’ll-find-a-reason-to-be-cruel. He is the ultimate in cult of personality tin gods. I saw nothing “gentle” in how he handled Kim Dickens’ Janette. This guy doesn’t care if his customers eat. He doesn’t want to pass on his knowledge. He simply wants to terrorize. Honestly, this character makes me angry even when I’m not watching the show, which is a tribute both to TREME (which succeeds even when shooting far away from New Orleans) and the actor himself. Slezak should be proud.

  9. Just got the MMC book. Noticed that Johnny Crawford is not mentioned. How come?

    Of course he went on to have several hit records and became a star on “The Rifleman” series.

    I look forward to reading the book.

    1. Mainly because he didn’t answer requests to be interviewed, so I simply couldn’t get as in depth with his story as those whom I talked to (or who were undeniably, hugely famous as Mouseketeers, like Annette or Darlene). I would’ve loved to talk to him — he has a very interesting post-Mouse career. But there are so many former Mice out there, it’s impossible to encyclopedically chronicle every single one.

      Thanks so much for reading, and for writing! I hope you enjoy it.

  10. Hi, Jennifer,

    The Sexy Feminist recently retweeted one of IWPR FemChat’s blog post. FemChat aims to be a voice for women and spark a productive dialogue and debate on the issues that affect them–including young women. I hope you can add us to your blogroll ( Thanks!!


  11. Hello, lady.

    I just read a review of “Friends with Benefits” that I found while searching for other remarks about it being called “the ‘When Harry met Sally’ of this generation (apparently a generation of halfwits)”.

    At the risk of seeming a bit dense myself, was it meant to be gibberish?

    1. Nope, I’ll stand by my general affection for that movie. The problem with making comparisons is they can mean different things to different people — I wouldn’t say it’s as seminal as “When Harry Met Sally” (I, too, have watched that thing more times than can be counted), but it is similar in its dead-on depiction of the current state of male-female friendships and the landmines involved. That was my main point. Possibly overstated, but I was truly shocked by how much I enjoyed FWB.

  12. Hi Jennifer,
    I follow you on twitter and have been checking out your site- which i love. I produce a websitcom called Hot Mess, we tell true funny stories from women in Hot Mess situations. Anyway I read about your upcoming book etc, our opening credits are an homage to MTM. I just wanted to pass along our site in case you do any posts on this sort of thing. thanks for considering – Amy

  13. Dear Jennifer,

    I was thrilled to read your piece regarding women spiritual leaders. This is an issue that needs to reach the public in a big way. Good for you for getting it on Huffpost.

    In the effort to spread the word I have written a book about the 21st century women’s ordination movment; CALLED – WOMEN HEAR THE VOICE OF THE DIVINE. I would be happy to send you a review copy. Check it ouT on Amazon if you like. Even if you are not able to review it, I believe it would give you a well informed overview of the movment.

    Send me an address and I will send you a book.

    Gretchen Kloten Minney

  14. Hi Jennifer, I just finished reading your book and loved it. The history behind the series and the insight you bring out is fascinating. I have two points to make: 1) I was surprised you didn’t mention the episode where Kramer was spit on by Jack MCDowell of the Mets, which was compared to the Kennedy assassination in the description of the dastardly deed. (Especially since you reference another script that was rejected, since it had to do with the assassination.) 2) When you mentioned the famous ongoing greetings between Newman and Jerry, you said Newman’s retort to Jerry with “Hello Jerry” was the famous line. I thought Jerry’s disdainful initial “Hello Newman” greeting had much greater impact. Thanks again for your wonderful book. Hope to read more of your work in the future! -Don

    1. Hi, Don, thanks for reading! There are so many episodes, and so many good ones, that they can’t all be named — I tell the stories as best I can and leave the rest for encylcopedic catalogs of the show, so not mentioning something doesn’t mean it’s not great … just not part of a particular story I was telling. Thanks again for your close attention to the book. I really appreciate it.

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