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Writing Career Coaching

I’ve published seven books with major publishers, including New York Times bestseller Seinfeldia, Sex and the City and Us, and Mary and Lou and Rhoda and Ted. I’ve also helped many other writers make the transition from “aspiring” to the real deal. 

Peruse my coaching packages below and see which one works for you. We’ll set realistic goals and complete them—the hardest part of getting your writing career started or unstuck. Think of me as a personal trainer … for your writing career.

For each package, you get:

  • Six hour-long instructional sessions with me in person or via phone or Zoom, depending on your location and preferences.
  • Email access to answer all of your questions throughout our time working together.
  • Written coaching reports after each session, with goals, assignments, and deadlines to keep you on track with your goals.
  • Editing and feedback from me on those assignments.

It doesn’t matter where you live—we can set up meeting times at your convenience via Zoom or phone. Price: $1499 for six hour-long sessions (package specifics below). Email me for details and payment options. (I accept PayPal, Venmo, credit cards, and checks as well.) Ask about payment plans!

“I can’t say enough about Jennifer. Her experience speaks for itself, but her generosity of spirit sets her apart. She is genuinely interested in other writers’ stories and ideas and invested in their success. She’s not just an acclaimed author and magazine writer. She’s a teacher. She offered constructive criticism and a compassionate ear.”

Erin Carlson, author
I’ll Have What She’s Having
Queen Meryl

“Jennifer is an extraordinary writing coach. She taught me the basics of narrative nonfiction in 60 minutes, more or less. Her advice was concise and 100% practical and useable. I bought two 6 hour coaching packages with Jennifer to complete a book proposal. A couple weeks later, I had a meeting with the single biggest agent in the field and a meeting with another agent at a leading agency.”

Jonathan Petts

“The material I’m writing about is personal and hard and is bringing up lots of feels. Jennifer brought her skills as a writer, editor, educator and coach and masterfully balanced a compassionate response to my doubts and misgivings while keeping me focused, all in order to help me successfully produce my blog.”

Rebecca Friedman Lockhart

Jennifer is the perfect companion to have on what can be a very daunting and lonely journey. She knows how to write a book, especially one that sells. Cheerful and wise, Jennifer walked me through the process of finalizing a book proposal step by step, offering practical insight and inspiration all along the way.”

Natasha Scripture, Man Fast: A Memoir

coaching packages

Launching Your Writing Career

You want to be a writer — a published one — but you don’t know where to begin. With this package, you’ll find your writing niche and learn how to get published. I’ll guide you through coming up with specific, attainable writing career goals and drafting plans to accomplish them. By the final section, you will have made progress on — and perhaps even accomplished — three specific writing and publishing goals. And you’ll have action plans for completing all of them.

Writing Your Nonfiction Book Proposal in Six Steps

I will walk you through the entire process of writing a nonfiction book proposal in six sessions. We’ll assess your idea, then work on a section of the proposal at each meeting, honing your material and allowing you to get feedback on every part of the proposal. This is for students who have an idea, know they want to write a proposal, and are ready to get it done. By the end of our time together, you’ll have everything you need to begin approaching agents or publishers.

Writing Your Book, Step-by-Step

We’ll break down the onerous task of writing a book into totally doable steps. Together, we’ll make a plan for completion and for how you’d like to optimize our time together. This package comes in six-, twelve-, or eighteen-session versions: The six-session version will give you an overall arc to follow, get you started, then send you off on your own to complete it. The twelve-session version will span a year-long writing process with monthly check-ins. The eighteen-session version will provide more frequent check-ins and feedback. 

Developmental and Line Editing

Email me for pricing, per project.

“I had a truly positive and impactful experience working with Jennifer on my book proposal. She took the time to deeply understand what I was trying to accomplish, and subsequently coached me through editing and refinement following a process that ensured we would stay true to that initial vision. I gained new skills, a greater sense of confidence, and even more enthusiasm for my project through working with Jennifer.” 

Rehan Choudhry

“Jennifer is a thoughtful editor, wonderful brainstorm partner and a real pleasure to work with. She helped me get through a number of writing roadblocks and offered so many helpful suggestions along the way. She is not only a talented writer but an excellent teacher, who is generous with her insight and will challenge you to dig deeper. I can’t recommend her enough!”

Thea Glassman