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3-D Printing Goes DIY (Fast Company)

7 Facts About ‘Tom’s Diner’ While You’re Waiting for Your Coffee (Mental Floss)

Anne Hathaway Is Our Kind of Cool Girl (Refinery29)

Are Shamans the New Therapists? (Mind Body Green)

The Best-Laid Wedding Plans (Altared)

Beyond ‘Mad Men’: What Is the Greatest TV Finale Ever? (BBC Culture)

Brie Larson Breaks Out of ‘Room’ (Refinery 29)

Britney Spears’ 2016 VMA Performance (Billboard)

Britney Spears’ ‘Blackout’ Turns 10: How Her Worst Year Gave Us Her Best Album (Billboard)

Britney Spears’ ‘Glory’ Is Another Comeback Album — And This Time It Might Be for Good (Billboard)

Celebrity Death Rumors (Entertainment Weekly)

Diversity in Entertainment: Why Is TV So White? (Entertainment Weekly)

Don’t Call Them Crazy (Glamour)

Elaine Benes Is a Feminist Heroine (Dame)

From ‘Cop Rock’ to ‘Atlanta’: How Music TV Shows Went from Punchlines to Prestige Programs (Billboard)

Gay Teens on TV (Entertainment Weekly)

Hang Out With Older Women (O)

The History of wikiHow in 7 Fascinating wikiHow Articles (Mental Floss)

How Sugarland’s Kristian Bush and Online Game My Singing Monsters Came to Make Music Together (Fast Company)

Inside the World of Adult Cheerleading (Details)

Mary Richards wasn’t trying to be a feminist icon. She would have marched anyway. (Washington Post)

Mary Tyler Moore’s 7 Best Musical Moments (Billboard)

Mary Tyler Moore Was a Progressive Hero (Vice)

Meet the Woman Who Invented ‘The Daily Show’ (Dame)

‘Re Jane,’ by Patricia Park (New York Times Book Review)

Rock On (Northwestern)

The Secret History of Women in Television (Bust)

Secret Lives: Lisa See’s ‘China Dolls’ and More (New York Times Book Review)

Taylor Swift’s Debut Album Turns Ten (Billboard)

Translating ‘Seinfeld’ (The Verge)

TV’s Transgender Revolution (BBC Culture)

Was ‘Seinfeld’ Really ‘About Nothing’? (BBC Culture)

What Taylor Swift’s ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ Shows Us About Adulthood: Critic’s Take (Billboard)

What’s So Feminist About Liking Boy Bands? (Dame)

When Did Feminism Become a Job Requirement for Pop Stars? (Billboard)

Why Beyoncé Could Be the Next Bob Dylan (Billboard)

Why The Odyssey’s New Translation Matters to Women (Dame)


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