authoring-logo-goldFinishing your book is just the beginning. On #Authoring, authors Jennifer Keishin Armstrong and Kimberly Potts illuminate everything that happens after you’ve written the book. This is the podcast for authors, by authors, featuring 100% real talk about how to navigate the wild, weird world of publishing, from working with editors and promoting your work to making money, touring, hitting bestseller lists, and beyond. If you want to know what an author’s career really looks like—not just what Carrie Bradshaw’s looks like—this is the podcast for you.

pop_literacy-blue_1000Your weekly supply of smart things to say about pop culture. Pop Literacy takes you into the writers’ rooms, songwriters’ heads, and novelists’ thoughts that are fueling pop culture conversations. And we’ll give you the smart insights, factoids, and conversation starters to get you through your next cocktail party conversation about the latest in TV, music, movies, and books. Seriously: You don’t even have to binge watch that whole season or read that whole book. Just listen to Pop Literacy and you’ll be the smartest person in the room.