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“Reading this book was like traveling back in time to the 90’s/2000’s when names like Darren Starr (writer on 90210) and fashion trends (like the name necklace Carrie wore) were so popular.”
“Armstrong’s book is in-depth and insightful, with a fangirl’s reverence for the nitty-gritty of the creative process.”
“She’s present as a writer and as a fan, but removes herself far enough to make no excuses for the series’ embarrassing approach to race and the LGBTQ community – or the derogatory remarks made by characters to describe sex workers.”


AV Club review

Here & Now interview

NBC News interview

New York Times review: ‘Seinfeldia,’ on Why We Still Can’t Escape ‘Hello, Jerry’

NPR’s Her

Slate’s Lexicon Valley, “What’s the Deal With Translating Seinfeld?”

Washington Times review

Press release here


Press release here

AP calls it “the quintessential book on one of the greatest sitcoms to hit the airwaves”

The Atlantic: The Real Feminist Impact of The Mary Tyler Moore Show Was Behind the Scenes

AV Club gives it an A-

Bill’s Books, NBC4 New York

The Book Reader, NY1 “an absorbing behind-the-scenes history”

Boston Globe: “warm and funny and rife with juicy details”

Bust: “Compelling and highly readable, this book is as informative as it is charming…As enjoyable as reruns of the classic show.”

CBS Local: Mary Richards’ Best of Minneapolis

Christian Science Monitor slideshow: 8 Stories from the Making of The Mary Tyler Moore Show

CNN Profiles: Seduced by Mary

5 Great Dating Tips from TV’s Mary & Rhoda

The Detroit Free-Press calls it “the must-read of the summer”

From the Bookshelf interview

The Hairpin: “So, I”m watching the entire run of The Mary Tyler Moore Show …”

The first article about the book comes from my hometown paper, The Homer Horizon

MTM writer Susan Silver on The Huffington Post: Mary Richards and I Made It After All!

Lucire calls it “the definitive work on The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Marketplace Radio interview with Kai Ryssdal

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: “Author Reveals Mary Tyler Moore Show Was a Sister Act”

Q&A with the Minneapolis Star Tribune

New Books in Biography podcast

New York Daily News: “New book shows how The Mary Tyler Moore Show gently pushed feminist issues”

New York Times: “energetic … fascinating … shrewd … thoughtful”

NPR: The Women Who Inspired Other Women with Mary Tyler Moore

NPR Books: “Indie Booksellers Pick Summer’s Best Reads”

Publishers Weeklycalls it “fast-paced and charming”

Richmond Times-Dispatchcalls it a “smart and charming history”

Shelf Awareness calls it “a superb, highly entertaining history of one of television’s most beloved sitcoms… A terrific pop culture history–well-written, lovingly researched and chock full of great stories from the Mary Tyler Moore Show set.”

Simon & Schuster video of me talking about the book

Kirkus Reviews

USA Today Q&A

Wall Street Journal review: How They Made It, After All

Women in Hollywood excerpt


Interview with Author Magazine on Why? Because We Still Like You

On CNN’s Showbiz Tonight (transcript here), discussing American Idol

On CNN’s Showbiz Tonight (transcript here), discussing Glee‘s GQ photo controversy

On Good Day Sacramento discussing Sexy Feminism

Gotham Writers’ Workshop Profile

On NBC’s Today show, discussing Oprah’s final show

Backstage with the original Mickey Mouse Club on NPR’s Talk of the Nation

On Sundance Channel’s Love Lust: Bad Girls, on Lady Gaga


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